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Transport in Europe

Become a Cartrans partner and ensure the success of your transport business!

Through the partnership with Cartrans, you have access to our entire trailer fleet and our vast freight network. We offer reliability, constant payments, optimized freight transit and technical support for your vehicle. In addition, we will manage your documents and pay your bills so you can focus on building your business!

How can you collaborate with us?


If you are interested in a LONG TERM partnership with Cartrans, in round trip + return mode, click click here for more details or call +40 344 130500 and schedule a larger discussion with one of our representatives.

Do you have your own customers in the export or import activity on certain individual routes and are you looking for return cargo? Or other connections? Then you can opt for a one-way partnership with Cartrans. Organize your missing load with Cartrans in a simple and flexible way and thus maximize your vehicle load. Click here to register in our database and spot orders.