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Transport insurance

Cartrans Group has strong partnerships with the main insurance companies for over 9 years

How are we protected?

If during the transport the goods are damaged, there is a partial or total loss of the goods, or the goods are delivered late, there is a liability of the carrier according to the regulations of the CMR Convention. A special problem arises when we talk about multimodal transport performed with various means of transport (ship, ferry, train, container). In this case, different provisions will be applied depending on the route taken.

What does our insurer offer us?

If the goods are damaged during transport, the goods are partially or completely lost, or in case of a delayed delivery, the carrier is liable according to the CMR specifications.

Our policy provides protection for international transport in accordance with the responsibility of the CMR, as well as for domestic transport in all European countries (cabotage transport), in accordance with national legal specifications for transport.

With Cartrans, your goods are safe.